Frequently Asked Questions

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

Far beyond beautiful jewelry, the consciously created bracelets and necklaces from Awaken the Peace are high vibrational energy charms that clear and transform negative environmental energies. Inside each charm is a patent pending mixture of Source energy, manifested through gemstones, metals and minerals. These visionary pieces, available in your selection of gemstones, combined with titanium, silver and gold accents, are beautiful ‘wearable wellness’. Awaken the Peace charms bring forth grounding, balance and strength, as they promote optimal health and increased inner joy!

What is the symbol on the front of our charms? 

It is a Sanskrit symbol of a vibration called an Om. pronounced “ohhhhmmm” or “ Auhm”. Everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating – nothing is constant. The sound Om, when chanted, vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature.  As Om is the hum of the universe, found in everyone and everything; Om connects all living beings, nature, and our planet in oneness to Source energy.

What is wearable wellness?

Jewelry for the mindful, etc.

What are inner vibrations?

Eg. The level of emotional & physical wellness I’m experiencing in my body: joy, frustration, fatigue.

How does a higher vibration bring more light?

Similarly to defining love… Impossible to adequately describe, or see with our eyes but felt all over and feels like home.

Does the charm bring me energy?

Yes, by helping to block the lower vibrational frequencies, our bodies respond with increased strength and stability.

Can the charm have a negative impact?

No, in fact, it contains no magnets and will not interfere with credit cards nor magnetic strips, nor pace makers *Obviously still consult your Dr. for a medical opinion.

Will my body ever become resistant to the charm?

Great question, and we haven’t found anything to show any reasons for us to believe so.

Can the effects of the charm be scientifically proven?

We have a patent pending .

Is one charm as effective as multiple charms?

While one charm is extremely effective, more charms do increase the strength.

How does muscle testing work?

Muscles are tested repeatedly for strength, holding various products, weights and thoughts to assess what is favorable and beneficial for one’s own body.

What do the muscle tests tells us?

It is a powerful measure to use our own bodies as a conduit to tap into the healing collective and access the wisdom.

Who performs the tests?

Anyone can conduct an accurate muscle test. The key to impartial testing is to call in the intention to be a neutral observer and let the body’s wisdom speak.

How accurate is muscle testing as a practice?

As with everything, you will find people committed to both sides of the fence on this one. Most neurologists utilize muscle tests to assess brain/muscle connected responses. Applied Kinesiologists also utilize muscle testing as a diagnosis tool and often to diagnose the emotional and physical bodies connections and stored traumas and beliefs.

Can I customize my jewelry?


Does Awaken the Peace offer any luxury gemstones such as diamonds?

Yes! In fact, Katie began her jewlery career at Tiffany & Co. and continued as a gemologist to specialize in high end custom jewelry design for 15 years at Katherine Wagner Designs in NYC. She loves to mix in diamonds and assist individuals with custom pieces using your personal power stones. Please contact us with your specific requests.

Is it religious?

No it’s a sound symbol similar to a musical note.

I noticed my charm is peeling, is that intended?

Yes! And congratulations! If you are asking this question, it means you have been doing your inner work.

Peel, reveal and heal 
The Om sign on each Awaken the Peace charm is designed to reveal, peel and heal as you move through your old patterns and remove blockages. Like a personal barometer of your progress, the minerals within the outer Om gradually peels away as you transition towards awakening your inner peace. Once peeled, the Om charm reveals a beautiful pure engraved Om and continues to work at the same rate of effectiveness in responding to your individual needs. What is revealed below is, like you, a pure version of its true self. Light ahead. ✨ .