Who We Are

Everything is energy. We are made of energy. Everyone has a unique energy vibration. The more energy, the higher the vibration. The higher the vibration, the more light.
Awaken the Peace charms are wearable wellness. We strive to offer you a high vibrational experience in the form of beautiful jewelry. When you wear one of our manifesting pendants or bracelets, your internal vibrations increase, and spirit is elevated. Benefits consistently experienced include increased concentration, emotional and mental clarity, and feelings of greater peace and inner joy.
Man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMF) is everywhere, and can be harmful to the body, as it depletes natural strength. Awaken the Peace crystals offer self-protection against EMF and other commonly found radiations. Muscle tests consistently confirm energy transformation as an effective tool against cellular phone frequencies and other common substances with low vibrational measures - including processed sugar and aluminum.
Each piece in the collection features a unique high vibrational energy charm, containing a proprietary formula inside that assists the wearer in dissolving barriers of resistance to let love flow and truly awaken the peace!
Working in conjunction with Vastu Shasta, an ancient wisdom for transforming negative energy into positive, Awaken the Peace charms have also incorporated the learnings from the many scientific studies that promote the use of crystals, ancient symbols and positive intention as a collective power against environmental negatives, including the work of Dr Masaru Emoto and Dr David R. Hawkins.
Our high quality gemstones are sourced from all over the world, with every piece then hand assembled in the USA. We encourage each customer to select the stones that best suit their individual needs and tastes.

Awaken the Peace Co-Creator - Katie Beckley

After graduating from the University of Baltimore School of Law with a Juris Doctorate degree, Awaken the Peace founder Katie Beckley commenced her career with Tiffany’s where she quickly learned that her true passion was fine jewelry. This lead to the creation of her own business, Katherine Wagner Designs where she worked with an exclusive clientele for 15 years.
Katie then discovered her true calling, moving to California to attend a Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. During the two-year program, Katie received an assignment to co-create a spiritual project that would be of service to others, through the promotion of inner healing.

Katie's Story

One of my favorite quotes from Rumi is, “The best way out is through.” Truth is the language of source. Self-awareness and acknowledgement can affect every cell in the body.
In the midst of a very challenging period in my life, I heard the words “Awaken the Peace”. While not fully knowing the meaning, I felt compelled to register the name. Only several years later did I understand the message: that I needed to create a movement, through a conscious jewelry company, that helps people to choose positivity and stability whenever negative self-talk, fears, environmental negatives and other depleting energies arise.
As a gemologist, I always felt different vibrations within the gemstones I worked with. I knew that combining different gemstone and mineral properties created different frequencies and resonance. When creating Awaken the Peace, I sought out leaders in the field to learn more about their unique properties and inherent healing aspects. Serendipitously I came across a brilliant scientist who was working on a similar concept.
We incorporated the ancient Om Sanskrit symbol - a core vibration and the hum of the universe that is in everything and everyone. Additionally we referenced sacred geometry through the Fibonacci sequence - a component of all nature, including human DNA. Finally, we included organic aspects from a proprietary blend of high vibration gemstones, minerals and metals, creating a formula that would help protect people from strength draining, lower vibrational energies.
Awaken the Peace is about energy. It’s about raising vibration. It’s about upliftment, enhancing joy, love, peace and safety. We sell from the heart rather than fear. Our products are genuine and authentic. Our intention is always to deliver Awaken the Peace from a place of high vibration, where we can each be aligned with our highest selves.
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