Awaken the Peace charms are beautiful wearable wellness energy shields to transform negative vibrations. Inside each charm is a proprietary blend of high vibrational gemstones, minerals and metals, programmed and sequenced with sacred geometry formations. Simply by wearing, joy and inner peace are awakened through removing low vibrational blockages, neutralizing unhealthy frequencies to awaken radiant health and wellbeing.

Peel, Reveal and Heal 
The Om sign on each Awaken the Peace charm is designed to reveal, peel and heal as you move through your old patterns and remove blockages. Like a personal barometer of your progress, the minerals within the outer Om gradually peels away as you transition towards awakening your inner peace. Once peeled, the Om charm reveals a beautiful pure engraved Om and continues to work at the same rate of effectiveness in responding to your individual needs. What is revealed below is, like you, a pure version of its true self. Light ahead.