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Unique and Easy Ways to Safeguard Against Wireless Radiation

Awaken the Peace is particularly interested in the use of earth born minerals, metals and gemstones as natural shields for the body (such as lead protecting against gamma rays commonly used to protect during x-rays.) One of the biggest threats currently is radiation from wireless phones, outlined here by Dr Devra Davis, pioneer in phone[…]Read More

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Jade and Turquoise in Two Ancient Cultures

Jewelry, Healing and Wellness Wisdom  Using minerals and gemstones for healing and wellness is an ancient ascribed practice. Awaken the Peace high vibrational jewelry organically allows positive energy to flow through your vibratory field resulting in joy and inner peace. Here we focus on two powerful gemstones that were of great importance to ancient cultures,[…]Read More

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Children and Microwave Radiation

The Effects of Microwave Radiation on Children  Children and microwave radiation effects have been under scrutiny of late. According to a recent study in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure, children absorb more microwave radiation than adults because they have more absorbent brain tissue and their skulls are thinner. The results were arrived at through[…]Read More

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Lithotherapy – An Introduction


1 An Introduction to Lithotherapy What is Lithotherapy? Lithotherapy is an alternative system of medicine that uses the energy and colors of stones to harmonize the body. The name lithotherapy comes from the Greek words lithos (“stone”) and therapeia (“care”). Its literal meaning: “the method to care by the use of stones”. Stones and minerals have[…]Read More

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How Crystals Can Help Lower the Risks from EMFs

risks from EMFs

1 How Crystals Can Help Lower the Risks from EMFs Electromagnetic Radiation: What are EMFs and What are the Risks from EMFs? EMFs are electromagnetic fields i.e. invisible lines of force that emanate from electrical or wireless devices. There are two kinds of EMFs: low frequency and high frequency. Electricity and appliances emit low frequency[…]Read More